Benefit from exciting developments in UK healthcare with Hospitalsconsultants!

Medical treatments are constantly being improved and updated, and if you suffer from a particular medical condition, it’s always worth having your ear to the ground regarding developments in your field.

The West Cornwall Hospital is located in Penzance in southwest England.


For example, cancer sufferers will be interested to hear more about proton beam therapy treatment which is due to arrive in the UK in 2018. There’s a dedicated page on this revolutionary technology at hospitalsconsultants, a new website which aims to make it easier to source quality medical treatment for a range of medical conditions.

The website  was originally the brainchild of Dr Jean-Pascal Del Bano, who is an expert in assessing the quality of healthcare delivery in his native France. It’s a simple concept. You go onto the website, fill in the procedure you want, your age and your payment plan (insurance, NHS patient, self-paying, private medical insurance etc) and you’ll be given the available options from a selection of 30 hospitals in the UK and 13 in France. The clinics and hospitals are geographically spread around England, including in more rural areas, such as the West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance (below).