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Modatoi – a ‘shoe-in’ for a great online footwear selection.

Looking for a one-stop shop for a wide range of ladies’ shoes? Modatoi’s internet site boasts a huge selection of shoes – all in the one place.
It’s always fun when an old favourite makes a reappearance in a new guise, as platform shoes have done this year. They definitely haven’t grown older and wiser, but maybe it’s best to say that they’ve found other ways to be wild and wacky. Today, instead of it being just about adding on the inches, designers are more interested in shape and line. We’re a far cry from Bowie-style platforms here, this is something altogether more subtle. Just as adventurous are the women’s boots models on offer. There’s no shortage of showy colours in the shape of luscious crimsons, fuchsias, sky blues and rich purples. Another clear trend is the return of animal print and fake leather in a big way, taking your legs on a trip through the Serengeti or even up the Amazon!
What’s more, now the world of the half boot is within easy reach.
Half boots may be small, but they’ve definitely got big personalities! Bold and lively would be the best words to describe this season’s offerings – there aren’t many other things you can say when talking about fluorescent lime-green lace-ups!