Interested in getting more mileage from your motorhome or caravan? Give awnings a go!

Now you’ve finished exchanging all those unwanted Christmas presents, maybe you can start looking for something that’s really practical. If you’ve been wondering how to get more out of your faithful caravan or motorhome, then maybe a look at the caravan awnings for sale from French maker Eurovent will give you some food for thought. The main reasons you might consider buying a porch or awning are clear – the extra space they create can have a huge impact in terms of your comfort whilst on holiday – but how much do you actually know about these products, or, for that matter, the very similar motorhome porch awnings also available from various manufacturers? You may not know, for example, that there’s a wide range of different materials used in the construction of awnings, including highly-sophisticated fabrics developed by TenCate.

You might also think that awnings are a feature of high summer – to be packed away for the rest of the year. Well, four seasons awnings might change your mind about that. At first sight, they look exactly like ordinary awnings, but up close you’ll notice some key differences, including their all-PVC design, seamless roof and a particularly wide skirt at the base.