The pension Bounty – a heady Pacific cocktail of sophistication and comfort!

When we think of a Pacific island, we think of exotic cultures and beautiful natural landscapes, but not necessarily cosy, home-from-home accommodation. Well, the Bounty family lodge is a comfortable Rangiroa pension that proves that sophistication and home comforts can definitely go hand in hand in the shape of four studio apartments each with their own small kitchen. This family-run establishment is located on the gorgeous atoll of Rangiroa in French Polynesia, which is one of the largest such coral reefs on the entire planet. The atoll is particularly popular with the diving fraternity and there is a range of schools catering to divers of all abilities. It’s obviously not just the clear blue waters that attract them – there’s a host of marine life to be seen up close and personal! Manta rays, dolphins and even sharks swim in the seas here, not forgetting over 800 species of fish! There’s plenty to see back on dry land too. You may want to tour Rangiroa on foot or by bicycle (available free from the hotel). In this way you can see more of the island’s wonderful birdlife, something of the local culture in the neighbouring villages and perhaps find the ideal spot to watch the sun go down.