Hone your game with the best of British snooker equipment from Riley!

As the weather starts to turn colder once more, thoughts turn too, to the best of British indoor games. No, we’re not talking about dominoes here, but the enormously popular global phenomenon of snooker, first developed by the British in India in the 19th century, although cue sports in various shapes and forms existed in Europe for hundreds of years before that. A company with a rich heritage in this field is Riley international and a wide selection of their products can be found online at Riley-snooker-international.com. Riley’s excellence in craftsmanship has been a constant in the world of snooker for the best part of a century now. This British firm also produces some of the very best pool tables available on the market, along with tables for the less well-known, but no less skilful and demanding game of Russian Pyramid.

When choosing your table, you want to make sure you’re getting value for money. The Riley range caters to all budgets, but all its tables have one thing in common – they’re constructed of the finest materials, from the pocket leathers to the slabs of slate making up the playfield. This gives you the opportunity to really shine next time you step up to the green baize!