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The flipbook, still a must-have for marketing!

One of the most useful pieces of software any marketing department can have is a flip book maker. This deceptively simple tool is ideal for companies large and small in order to publicize and promote goods, services and brands. Firms like Webpublication produce software packages that give you the power to publish your own online magazine, catalogue or interactive pdf documents. What’s more, you can really add your own personal touch to your content, as it’s easy to customize the background colour scheme and add corporate logos. One thing that’s crucial to the success of any kind of e-brochure, however, is flexibility. You’ll need content that can be downloaded, stored and accessed in multiple ways. Modern consumers will need to be able to view your documents on iPhone, iPad, online and on social networking sites. They will also expect a genuinely rich media environment. This might include video, sound, hypertext links, contents tables and HD images. Thanks to Google Analytics compatibility, this kind of package also offers companies a chance to find out more about the people who are buying and viewing their products and services. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at a few of the sample flipbooks on www.webpublication.co.uk.