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  • After the Olympics, go for gold with the latest footwear trends.

After the Olympics, go for gold with the latest footwear trends.

After such a sporty summer, we could be forgiven for wanting to kick back and put our feet up for a bit. However, when you start exploring the Modatoi range of women’s shoes and dresses, you may find yourself seeing things differently.
For some, ‘sporty style’ is a contradiction in terms. If that’s you, make a beeline for the huge choice of women’s shoes by Modatoi.co.uk. This covers trainers that would be just as much at home on a night out as in the tryouts, as well as glitzy heels. In fact, party shoes and heels have really just gone their own way this year, straddling everything from the unexpected sight of metal studded platform heels to no-nonsense high heel lace-ups in cozy autumn hues.
In the half boot stakes change is definitely in the air. The ‘skull’ motif is almost a constant, frequently picked out in rhinestones. Most models of women’s boots are literally on the way up. Over the knee styles have widened their fashion base with a distinctly ‘three musketeerish’ flavour that has been quite a hit.
This year’s party dresses are mostly interested in cut as much as colour. So that’s the theory. In practice this works itself out in off the shoulder looks, little strapless numbers, flaps, pleats and ruffles, lace backs, shoulders, arms and even midriffs and tiny little belts.